Top 1% Invisalign Provider in the US – Davoody and Hablinski Orthodontics

“We believe our customized Invisalign Treatment approach is the #1 reason we are recognized by Invisalign as top 1% in the Houston area and the entire nation.”

Why consider Invisalign in Houston

Do I want a customized Invisalign treatment for my teeth ensuring results that last a lifetime or do I want a “one size fits all” Invisalign treatment that provides sub-par results and continued costs for many years to come?

If you want your Invisalign treatment customized specific to your teeth, you’ve come to the right place! Davoody & Hablinski Orthodontics is in the top 1% in the entire nation completing completing thousands of Invisalign patients with unparalleled results. In fact, other orthodontists and dentists have been coming to our practice for years to receive further knowledge on best practices for themselves and their patients. Our practice remains the most trusted Invisalign practice in Houston.

Invisalign for Adults and Teens 

Using a series of customized, clear aligners to straighten teeth, Invisalign produces faster results in fewer office visits than traditional braces. From teenagers to adults, Invisalign is the perfect way to straighten teeth in less time without anyone knowing. The benefits of Invisalign are simply too good to ignore. Unlike traditional braces, these clear aligners are:

  • Invisible – aligners are almost impossible to notice – allowing you to keep your orthodontic treatment between yourself and the staff at Davoody and Hablinski Orthodontics.
  • Removable – Enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about brackets or wires bending or breaking.
  • Comfortable – Made from a smooth specialized plastic, Invisalign clear aligners won’t irritate the inside of your mouth.
  • Customized – Using 3D computer imaging technology, a fully customized set of aligners are created just for your teeth.
  • Effective – With an average treatment time of just 12 to 16 months, you can achieve your desired smile in less time.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Your treatment begins with several sets of aligners custom fit for your teeth. Each set of aligners are worn for only two weeks at a time. At the end of the two week mark, you can switch to the next set of aligners and continue straightening your teeth. Over time, you will notice changes in the alignment of your teeth and in just a few months you will have the straighter, healthier smile you deserve!