Why Us for Braces?

“Our customized approach to Braces is the #1 reason our patients receive unparalleled results.”

Do I want braces that are customized specific to my individual mouth ensuring unparalleled results that last a lifetime or do I want a “one size fits all” Treatment that provides subpar results as well as continued costs for many years to come?

If you want braces that are customized specific to your mouth you came to the right place. Our exceptionally trained orthodontist, Dr. Davoody is highly recognized throughout Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas for their expertise and precision regarding braces. In fact, other doctors have been coming to our practice for years to receive further knowledge regarding the customization methods for their patients in regards to braces. Our practice remains the most trusted Orthodontic Practice in Houston, our patients receive unsurpassed results with our customized approach to braces.