Ask Dr. Hablinski: “What are spacers?”

Thanks for the question! Spacers are little 0 rings that we floss between the contacts of your teeth around the molar area. This allows us space to get a metal band around your molars prior to your banding appointment.
These spacers may cause some discomfort for two-to-three days and your will need to use some kind of pain reliever such as Asvil or Tylenol.
We ask that you avoid chewy or sticky foods such as caramel, gum, taffy, etc. You may floss your teeth as usual, but not in the areas we place the spacers.
Spacers sometimes work faster than we anticipate, and they will fall out on their own. If this should happen, please call our office; and we will replace them if necessary, four days before your banding appointment.
Thank you,
Dr. Hablinski and team