May marks National Teen Self-Esteem Month!

At the office of Dr. Mark Hablinski, we know image is everything. Especially for today’s teenagers. At an age when image is so important, the thought of having braces may intensify the already-delicate confidence of today’s teens. Well, May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month, and during this time, parents are encouraged to act as positive role models, help stop negative self-images, and improve confidence and security among teenagers.
Dr. Hablinski and our team will tell you one of the great ways to improve your confidence is to improve your smile. And that begins with a visit to our convenient Houston office. After all, what better time to avoid having crooked teeth in your adulthood than coming in for a consultation with Dr. Hablinski?
We proudly provide traditional braces and Invisalign Teen for today’s image-conscious teens, and invite you to give us a call to schedule your consultation or ask us on Facebook!