Summer tips from Dr. Hablinski

Dr. Hablinski’s office will soon be involved in various sports and summertime activities. Whether you’re going away to camp for a few weeks, playing catch in the backyard or participating in various team sports this summer, you’re going to need to know how to take care of their bright smiles!
Here a few common questions Dr. Hablinski and team hear from our patients:
How can I help prevent my teeth from becoming chipped or broken while I play sports this summer?
The most important thing we want you to remember is wear your mouthguard.
If I’m hit in the mouth, and a tooth gets knocked out, what can/should I do? What should I do if I am injured on a weekend when the office is closed?
If you find that you or someone you know has just had a tooth knocked out, here are the steps that you should take.
• Act quickly
• Handle the tooth by the crown, never by the root.
• If possible, reposition the tooth into the socket immediately.
• If not possible, then keep the tooth moist (use milk or keep it inside your cheek) until you can see your dentist.
• Go to your dentist as soon as possible. The best chance to save your tooth is if you can see your dentist with in the first half hour of your tooth being knocked out.

Once you are at your dentist’s office, they will probably replant and stabilize the tooth. A root canal will be performed later.
Can my teeth be fixed if they are chipped, broken or knocked out?
Yes, check with your general dentist who deals with cosmetic dentistry.
Are sports drinks bad for my teeth? What can I drink to stay hydrated and keep my teeth healthy?
Yes, sports drinks can erode the enamel due to the acids in these drinks. The best way to stay hydrated is with WATER.
If I wear Invisalign aligners, will they help protect my teeth, or do I still need to wear a mouth guard?
You need to remove your aligners and place a mouthguard to protect your teeth from injuries when playing a sport. However, more and more evidence is showing that Invisalign acts almost as well as a mouthguard.
Can I still play sports while wearing my retainer, or is it best to take it out?
Best to take it out and replace with a mouthguard.
Can I still wear a mouth guard with braces?
Yes, you should get a mouthguard to protect your teeth when wearing braces. Ultimately, the mouthguard will require trimming to accommodate the braces.
Please let us know if you have any other questions! Or, you may also ask us on Facebook!